Kind words from talented colleagues.

Wow, I have so many great things to say about Ryan. First of all, he had me at his portfolio. Ryan does outstanding work as a print and web designer. When I saw his work on Dribbble and some of the samples he shared with me, I knew we had a top notch designer on our hands.

So when we hired Ryan (which I consider actually one of my greater accomplishments during my tenure at ERE) I was doubly pleased. Ryan is a personable, respectful, easygoing, attentive individual. When I’d explain what a project was about and discuss what I had in mind, he’d listen thoughtfully and ingest it all.

My favorite part of working with Ryan, though, was the results. As head of web development, I’ve worked with many designers over the years and the process of moving from creative idea to design reality was often painful and disappointing. Not so with Ryan: He would take the vision we had discussed and make it BETTER than I had envisioned it would ever be. Seriously, designers who do this are worth their weight in gold.

In short, Ryan is a wonderful designer and human being and is one of the people I miss most from my time at ERE Media!

Jim Dalton

Staff Software Engineer @ Contentful